How much to tip movers

How much to tip movers? Tip smartly

Every year many people move from one place to another for their professions or other causes. But all of them do not think to tip the movers. Movers are hard-working people. So, it is a good idea to tip the movers. But what is the standard amount to tip movers? It is not easy to make a decision. This guide is for you to make this work easy.

Tip the movers

Movers work hard to do their job. They need to work very carefully to avoid unwanted occurrences. However, if a mover packs poorly or drags the furniture across your wooden floor, it will irritate you. But if he works professionally and carefully, you will praise him. So, it is an excellent decision to offer movers a tip.

Your tip will depend on several things. Generally, it depends on the professional attitude, hard work, number of things they do, etc. Another question may appear in your mind that why should you tip movers? You pay a reasonable amount to the movers or moving company. So, giving a tip seems excess to somebody. You can think that you also tip the waiter and waitresses, plumbers, hotel valets, and others for providing excellent service. Do not be worried. In this case, you can ask yourself if you are happy with their service. If the answer is positive, you should tip the movers. For more information, you can learn about CityMove.

How much to tip movers?

Though it is not possible to say the exact amount to tip movers, you can decide the standard amount of tipping. Ultimately, your tip reflects the service level and the hard work the movers did. To provide the tip, you should consider the number of staff, the number of items they moved, the distance, stairs, etc. I can suggest you the standard amount of tip considering the difficulties of moving things, time, etc.

How much to tip local movers?

In the case of most other services, the tip depends on the percentages of total payment. But it will not work well in the case of moving company and service. However, for local and long-distance movers, the amount of tip must differ. If you get a satisfactory service from the movers, you can tip $5 per hour per mover. If the mover team completes their work within 8 hours for a short distance location, you can give $40 as the standard amount of tip. If you are so happy with the outstanding service, you can increase the amount to $7 per mover per hour.

How much to tip distance movers?

For long-distance moves, it is better to consider the tip on the percentage of the final bill. You have to pay a considerable amount for long-distance service. However, it can cost you up to $5000. So, it is better to provide a 20% tip. But it is not a small amount. You can forget this formula and follow the universal formula of tipping. Provide $5 to $6 per hour per mover for a satisfactory job. For eight hours service, give $40 per person for long-distance. You can increase the amount up to $60 per person for a day.

Another essential matter you should do that, tip the movers at the right time. While moving a piece of big furniture or moving anything quickly, you can tip movers. Giving a tip is similar to a positive review. So, after satisfying with the work, you should tip movers.

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